Integrate acoustic technologies Make life healthy

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Liver is an important guarantee of human health, but the liver without pain nerve is silent. When the liver is exposed to a variety of harmful environment for a long time, if not concerned, it will produce various kinds of liver damage, until liver fibrosis, even cirrhosis, and even liver cancer and liver failure.

fibrotouch 标志1.pngTo solve the problem of early detection of liver fibrosis. From health screening to disease diagnosis to treatment evaluation, to protect liver health.

fibrotouch 标志1.pngIt owns FT100 series, FT1000 Series and New series products,Focus on serving liver health. In the past 10 years, we have continued to research and improve: image guidance, color ultrasound guidance, multi-channel guidance, intelligent and portable, cloud service. Every improvement is to make your liver more healthy.

fibrotouch 标志1.pngTo serve the early screening, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of chronic liver diseases.