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Hisky Med

Wuxi Hisky Medical Technologies Co., Ltd. (Hisky Med) is a rapidly growing company specialized in developing, manufacturing, and marketing of high-tech medical equipments for non-invasive liver diagnosis. Founded in 2010, HISKY has been focusing on research application developments as well as the marketing of cutting-edge acoustic technology in the healthcare industry. It adds an innovative solution for liver fibrosis and hepatic steatosis diagnosis—— iLivTouch

Hisky is headquartered in Wuxi, China and has two R&D centers in Wuxi and Beijing. Its self- developed non-invasive liver fibrosis diagnostic system, iLivTouch, is capable of making quantitative detection and assessment of liver fibrosis and hepatic steatosis with Transient Elastography (TE) technology.

iLivTouch has been widely used in screening, diagnosis, monitoring, and follow-up throughout treatment for patients with liver problems. It has greatly contributed to early detection and prevention of liver diseases enabling the early treatment of chronic liver diseases. The  non-invasive liver fibrosis diagnostic system passed the certification of TUV SUD Group, EU official certification authority and obtained the CE certificate while bring certified with ISO13485. This allows our production system and products to officially be recognized by the EU. In addition, it has also been approved by the US FDA in 2018. Our products are now on various markets apart from home market in China. This has allowed for new growth for Hisky and an opportunity to continue to develop on the international market.

Currently, Hisky offers a wide range of specialized products that are affordable liver diagnostic systems, and will continues to develop new products to positively influence the future of non-invasive liver diagnosis in the medical industry.