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The liver is an important guarantee for human health, but the liver without pain nerves is "silent". When the liver is exposed to various harmful environments for a long time, if it is not paid attention to, various types of liver damage will occur, until the occurrence of liver fibrosis, and even cirrhosis, and even liver cancer and liver failure.

iLivTouch was born, innovatively solving the problem of early liver fibrosis detection. From health screening, to disease diagnosis, to treatment evaluation, it protects the health of the liver.

iLivTouch owns Max series, Pro series, Plus series, Mini series and FT series products, focusing on serving liver health. It has been continuously researching for 10 years and reaching perfection: image guidance, color ultrasound guidance, multi-channel guidance, smart portable, cloud services, Every improvement is to make your liver healthier.

iLivTouch serves for early screening, early prevention, early diagnosis, early treatment, and early recovery of chronic liver disease.